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WVW Roaming Build Variations


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Hello, just wanted to make this post to get some opinions/feedback.

I tweek my Holosmith solo roaming build a little bit from time to time but I always have trouble deciding on a few things. I am trying to fine tune it as much as possible.

Here is the build I usually run right now:


I am looking for feedback on::

Food: Endurance regen food vs. Damage reduction food. I have tried both, they are both good but I am not sure which one is better. I can definitely feel the difference from not having the extra damage reduction, but the endurance regen helps a lot with maintaining forge mode indefinitely.

Light density amplifier vs Prismatic converter: I ran prismatic converter for a long time, but due to issues with fighting heralds I have recently switched to LDA. The only condi classes I have trouble fighting (At least in a 1v1 setting) are some scourges. What do you guys think about this?

Invigorating speed vs. Protection Injection: I used to run invigorating speed for (effectively) perma swiftness and perma vigor. Not sure how big of a deal perma swiftness is but it definitely feels nice in outnumbered fights. The vigor helps a lot with maintaining forge mode indefinitely and it is also a 10% damage boost.

Stats: Overall what stats do you guys shoot for?

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Food: Dodge food. You need more dodges to avoid damage and manage heat.

Light density amplifier vs Prismatic converter: Light density amp is not good. The 15% damage reduction isn't a good payoff for destroying your heat and condi management.

Invigorating speed vs. Protection Injection: You need the perma vigor to manage heat and get more dodges. Protection Injection doesn't have enough uptime to be worth it.

TBH, your build is all over the place. You are using pistol on a power build. You are using elixir u and prime light beam but have less than 2200 power and and only 183% crit damage. You need to remember that roaming is a different beast than other pvp modes. You need to have the mobility to disengage at will or chase. You also need the damage to quickly kill someone before the enemy gank squad catches up to you. No amount of toughness or damage reduction is going to let a holosmith fight 1v5 for any amount of time.

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