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  1. Even if there was a build that 1 shot raid bosses and literally couldn't die, there would still be people that could not do raids. Builds ain't the issue for most people I'd imagine. Pre barrier nerf scourge was already more than capable of carrying people.
  2. oh and a note: Although this isn't always the case, normally the only requirement to keep up with these trains is a raptor and gliding
  3. Here, let me help you out. Open the "Contacts and LFG Menu" (default key is 'Y') and select "Looking for Group" Click on "Heart of Thorns" or "Path of Fire" Click on all of the maps until you find one with a Hero Point Train being advertised. Join that squad and travel to that map.
  4. Imagine the world where we only have exactly enough hero points available. Some hero points are extremely difficult (thinking from what I believe is the skill level of the average player) Some hero points can only be done at certain times in a maps META. Some hero points require access to certain maps/masteries. If there weren't options, the game would be a lot less fun for a bunch of people. Instead of making this thread, you might be making a thread titled "Why aren't there more hero points?"
  5. It is also unfortunate that you need to use 4 slots to accommodate one guild. Maybe in addition to more slots, there could be bigger guild licenses. Yeah I know that it is definitely not the focus of the game, but still, I am surprised by how little love the guild system seems to get. I would love to see them add some more relevant content to guild missions (maybe strikes, raids, PoF bounties, mount races), maybe update the commendation trader a bit, stuff like that. Nothing too crazy, just a way too further incentivize playing with your guildmates using existing content.
  6. I think the actual guild system, and a few other parts of the game used for social interaction, could really use some looking at. I believe (would have to find the actual media) that they've said in the past that it is a difficult task. Who knows, maybe they are working on something. Also, someone will be here to tell you that you should have used the search feature soon. Someone posted about this back in October, so you aren't allowed to talk about it anymore.
  7. Snowcrows recently updated their site. I know that they singlehandedly ruined raids or whatever, but they also added a beginner build section. https://snowcrows.com/builds?profession=Any&role=Any&damage=Any&beginner=1 I personally recommend power berserker. Very simple rotation, no extra kits/skills/tomes, don't even really need to weapon swap except for CC (which could be considered optional I suppose), and it is capable of outputting respectable DPS. Power holosmith with a single kit is another fairly easy one IMO. Depending on the content you are doing, playing an offhealer could give you the potential to see the mechanics more without having too stress too much about your rotation. Healbrand isn't too hard to pick up on a basic level.
  8. I wish I had known how valuable charged quartz crystals could be. I recommend charging one every day.
  9. They are permanent. Short of deleting the character or contacting support (which I personally wouldn't do for something so minor), you are stuck with it. Your best bet for now is ignoring it or replacing it with a better guild enhancement.
  10. You should make a montage for us to all admire. Make sure it starts with a clip of your character walking towards the camera, that seems to be popular. Oh, and a clickbait thumbnail too.
  11. Maybe most of the team is busy working on side projects?
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