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Adding difficulty

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First let me say that I am a noob I can't even do the living world episodes alone.

With that said a simple way to make vets happy would be to add the option for teams to actually have to restart if the whole team dies. In short remove the start from checkpoint option for those who want extra challenge.

I remember in gw1 when 7 party members are dead and you are the last one survival that manages to rez everyone back. The adrenaline levels are gone knowing that we can just type /gg and restart one meter from where we died.

Again this could be a simple option to turn off at the players vote or the party starter to chose.

Rewards? Besides the extra adrenaline, why not double the experience / drops.

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Depends on which kind of content:

  • LS, no point, its waaaay to easy
  • Dungeons, also realy easy at this point in time
  • Fractals, okay, there it could work
  • Raids, no, would make it more toxic (since if someone dies early, you will most likely just want to restart, due to big chance of failure in the long run)
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