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safe town team duel


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you can request duel on individual. if said person is in party, it happens to party leader

so you can 1v1 or xvx within the limits of party, raid, squad.

if 1 person is defeated, he is not downstate, he just does a cry mode and returns to normal state, and cant re enter duel mode. until duel with team ends


guilds can fight any towne, no transfers needed. no one can interfere. its a megaserver. no need to enter pvp, guild arena, wvw, eotm.

Anet devs pls make this so.


no downstate, no hard res. not in wvw. no loots.

--- if one team wins = your team wins shows in ui.

if one team loses = your team loses.

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Actually we can do this in Armistice Bastion...You can pretty much duel anyone or any group from any server who happens to be there at that time at the duel area...Which I why I found saving up to buy the Bastion pass a great deal because I can now join or watch duels frequently between skilled roamers across all the servers at most times when previously I had to roam for hours to meet one.You just need everyone who wants to join to buy the pass XD

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