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  1. To add to your list for the other classes, there are also fire weavers, immob druids, immortal holo, condi mirage. So every class can cheese in some way I guess. And if you watch Noody’s recent MRGA video, there is a pretty insane warrior plays on display. But is it at cheese level? I’m still not too sure...perhaps it is just the warrior being really skilled.
  2. True ?. I learnt a lot from Deceiver. Many of his posts have been very insightful.
  3. I think I read somewhere that we will be able to queue as a team of 3.What do you guys think would be some of the more effective 3 man comps?Would going full dps or bunker or mixture work better? My own guess is that a strong comp would probably be: Torment HeraldPower HeraldBurn Guard Good mobility to focus and chase. Good CC. Good spike damage. Good cleave pressure on downs. My own thoughts are that full dps Teams will do better than mixed or bunker teams.
  4. I would agree that ‘can’t be killed’ and ‘instant kill’ builds are both very unfun to play against. Thankfully the patch has resolved almost all instant kill builds. Unfortunately ‘can’t be killed’ has indeed become a problem. From a 1 vs 1 perspective, I’ve watched many fights and while most classes can build for some degree of bunker sustain, they mostly still have some form of counter that can beat them. The opposing player would need to spec heavily or use other classes to counter that bunker build though. For example, some matchups between good players I saw countering the sustain builds: Condi berserker (bunker) beat Power DH.Power DH swap to sic em full glass soul beast and beat the bunker berserker. Condi weaver (bunker) beat power soulbeast.Power soulbeast swap to condi Druid and beat the bunker weaver. Unfortunately, the one outlier class that is very hard to counter now because of the reduced damage, is the signets core necro. The only classes that can do enough DPS to threaten them is the sic em soulbeast and deadeye. But even then, those classes need to outplay the necro massively to beat them. The other classes just don’t do enough spike damage to threaten the necro. At best, they can counter spec to draw so both sides can’t kill each other. But that is, as you’ve said, unfun. I don’t think the solution is to reduce stat options though. Having more stat options is fun. I feel that bunker is a problem because of certain builds having frequent access to almost constant healing. For example, high regen access, traited heal in shroud, heal on torment ticks, life steal etc.All these heals that are small but frequent enough, cause bunker builds to have too much sustain. Interrupting their actual heal skill becomes less effective because of almost constant healing from other sources.Nerf or replace those extra sources of healing and we should be able to resolve the sustain issue.
  5. I have yet to see a single ele roaming in T1 outside me on WSR.....but there are "thousand" of necros from scourge to core necro...from roaming to zerging, this ele build you talk about for being a lowkey build...it's pretty much nonexistent. Even "TOP" ele streamers ( just a couple of them) have stopped doing so in wvw..... They are skilled players who may be using ele time to time...I give you that, but there is nothing faceroll on ele..nothing on the same level of necro at least and the numbers alone do me justice Fair enough. I’m not very knowledgeable in ele so I can’t say for sure. I did see one doing very well though, outsustaining even against good players on power soulbeasts. But as you said, that ele might just be an even better player than those he fought. And just to clarify, I don’t mean ele as in core ele. That good player I saw was using a weaver ?
  6. I wouldn’t say it is a must to run a lot of anti-condi because I’ve seen skilled players make do with just a few. Properly avoiding bigger condi applications is something that most players do not know how to do (myself included). I rely a lot on stacking anti condi Options to out cleanse the conditions instead of avoiding its application. I used to run 8-9 anti condi options just to keep cleansing because I fail at dodging.I now run almost continuous condi clear because why dodge when you can keep cleansing every couple of seconds. Given that there are many anti condi tools for those who don’t know how to avoid bigger applications, I would say that condi is not OP. I’m more worried about the sustain now tbh. Core Necro definitely needs a hit in its signets and the heal in shroud trait. Just bring over the nerfs from PvP and it would be less broke. There is also a Low key Ele build I see someone play that seems to be very sustainy that might need a look at.
  7. Yes you’ll need 1 full matchup to start getting pips again, meaning you’ll start getting next week at reset. Usually the best time to transfer is a day before reset so you only lose 1 week of pips. But I applaud you for transferring off a strong server.
  8. I see you have a long way to go to learn the way of the ranger.Melee Soulbeast is absolutely brutal in zergs. Video and build? Im willing to change my mind. Im always for more diversity but nobody could proof me wrong so far.I happened to see a really good melee soulbeast video so thought I would share.It was fights between RQM and many other top guilds. Ive watched RQM fight quite often recently and I think they’re easily the current top 3 GvG guilds in NA, comparable to champions Wavy. I’m not sure if it only works at GvG size fights or if it can work at Zerg scale too though.
  9. Uh no. That is not the purpose of this thread.In fact, I’ve not asked to nerf rangers for over a year. And yes I’m a Necro main but I wouldn’t protect my class either when it is currently massively over performing in WvW. You’re right that necro is currently a bunker abomination.And I’ve called for Necro to be nerfed hard at least 4 times since the patch.
  10. LMAO this x 100. What the actual kitten is this weird altar you've made for yourself, my guy? If it provides nothing for you then don't read it. He doesn't say that these kills have anything to do with his own skill, he just enjoys when he manages to to kill someone(s) he considers relevant. Some people have a hard time believing others can do stuff just for fun instead of as a means to boast their ego I guess. This is why when I share build threads I always have to write half a dozen disclaimers. I know people on these forums love to make assumptions about things you haven't even said, or in many cases even thought about.Hey thanks Spell. But just ignore them.They don’t realise that when they hate on others, they often look worse than those they hate on.They’re not at an age yet where they would realise there are better and more important things to do in life than to insult others over a game.
  11. My guess would be that they might have gotten the titles by playing mostly off-hour games where the skill level of players are lower.I myself have played most of my games during off-hours and despite being a relative noob at the mode, I'm sitting at ~1580 rating.Based on the current rankings, this should be enough to get me a top 250 title in NAIf I get lucky in my last few games and squeeze into Plat 2, I might even get into the top 26-100 rank which would be the equivalent of the Ruthless Legend title. I assume you are EU so if you played during your normal EU prime hours in NA, you would be matched against mostly off-hour players where the competition is a lot weaker.Try playing during NA prime hours and the Ruthless Legends you meet will really be Ruthless Legends.
  12. I just watched a custom draft tournament between over ten Plat 3 - Legendary players on Naru's stream.And without exception, the winning team had more bunkers and focused on holding nodes more than killing players.Players take a lot longer to go down.And even when they do go down, cleaving downs has become a lot harder.Resses happen frequently in almost all the games with the bunker teams having more success at ressing.MVP voted was Eura who was good enough to hold a node 1 vs many, usually against 3 and even up to 4 enemy players (and they were all plat 3 - legendary levels mind you).Conclusion is that Bunker sustain is king and holding nodes is more important than killing players because of the increased difficulty in securing downs. The stream video of the tourney here if anyone's interested. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/616107199
  13. It was a group of around 10.They used mostly Immob Rangers + Burn Guards. They hid among their own mega blob first.And when both sides started to engaged, they went group invis and attacked the enemy blob's rear.Rangers dropped their immobs and Guards dropped their burning swords.It was so effective at trapping large groups of pugs on a mega blob's tail.And they repeatedly did it chunking down a mega blob section by section. Very impressed.I didn't see the guild tag clearly because of all the lag/blobs but I think it might have been Eins or Brrr.
  14. Very nice! I saw quite a few really good opponents and guild tags in your games. Your rating must be quite high to be matched against them.What are your thoughts on the Lich vs CTTB elite choice?Many streamers I've seen have chosen Lich over CTTB most of the time.But I see that you prefer CTTB.Do you find it better than Lich?
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