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Good Morning or Evening,

I wasn't sure if this was the correct place to post, and if not I apologize for the inconvenience.

I've noticed that a lot of achievements have books or journals that need to be filled out and you end up hanging onto them after the achievement is done. I was thinking it would be neat to add in a bookcase feature to your home instance to stash all of the books in. It doesn't have to be gigantic, just something to place all of your books and journals you've acquired on your travels.

Second, I don't know if it has been asked, I'm not frequently on the forums or at all really, but it would be super lovely if Winter's Presence and Nightfury could be turned into an infusion. I know a lot of people miss wearing shoulder pieces and like me, don't want to swap out Winter's Presence or Nightfury because it was quite difficult to get!

Third, Not a huge request, but I'd super love to have a Blish mini in the future. He was awesome!

Thank you for your time.

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The "Personal Library" is a very common request, and one which I doubt anyone would explicitly disagree with. Though they have not expressed plans to make it happen as of yet, they have also not given any explicit reasons why it can't or wouldn't be done either (to my knowledge). Remember: This is the kind of feature they would just do, and subtly slip into the game without fanfare, rather than make a big deal out of, similar to the Cat "quests". So... keep expectations in check, but keep your eyes on future updates.

The transference of item-specific auras, such as Winter's Presence, Nightfury, Rime-rimmed Rebreather, etc., is another oft-requested feature. If I remember correctly, there have been reasons given as to why this isn't happening, or at least, not happening yet. In short: because these auras are attached to the specific item and not to a skin or infusion, they can't be separated from that specific item in their current forms. What that means to us is: it may be possible they can create a new type of item, like they did for the various Infinite Harvesting Tools' skins and abilities, but it would essentially be recreating the aura from scratch. That is far more involved than we would assume, thus making it less likely they can get to it while working on other things. However, if they were to do it, this is the kind of thing that would centerpiece or center-adjacent a major update, and if I might indulge in speculation for a moment: I'd keep an eye on the upcoming Build Templates feature for news regarding something like this. No guarantees of course, but a possibility...

I wouldn't worry too much about a Mini-Blish. Given their history of making minis of every character and model in the game (including some player characters in Guild Wars 1), I'm reasonably confident this either already exists in some form, or will soon. Of course, I think we'd all appreciate sooner rather than later... ;)

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