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  1. "Inventory management" Steam--Library--Add a Game--Add Non-Steam Game--Guild Wars 2 Done. "News and community with two clicks" Why bother with two when you can get it in one? https://www.guildwars2.com/en/ You're welcome.
  2. Over? No. She still exists, and needs to exist until/unless another solution can be found. Not to mention, she's part of our (the Commander's) story and powers. We will never be completely separate from her. Done for now? Yes. Barring another world-ending threat, Aurene needs to focus her energy and magic on maintaining and regulating both Magic and the Void. She can't divide her attention too broadly, else the system imbalances again. She can't just swoop in whenever she feels like it, but she can still turn up or boost us in clutch moments. (a "dragon ex machina", if you will)
  3. The Commander is Aurene's champion. Caithe is Aurene's avatar. Caithe IS Aurene.
  4. The same reason to get or use anything: "Because it's there."
  5. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/587806873416368128/909835491472474112/ckmIA8YF202cNlv6UrSPqg2.jpg
  6. ...or you could wait until they give them away for free again. They've done it twice already. I don't know why I'm bothering, the people who agree aren't going to be here.
  7. "Nothing that happens can ever compare to what I can imagine, because everything I imagine has t*ts and is on fire!" - Yahtzee Croshaw You see the problem? You made assumptions. Your assumptions were wrong. Does that make them *less* "creative" than you? or *more*? Neither.
  8. Congratulations! You've discovered that questing is actually just work. Good for you.
  9. You do know that combo fields have their own effects, right? And that it's important to know where they are regardless of combo potential?
  10. Here's the thing: Warframe only has one rig in the game. Everything that moves uses the same generic humanoid skeleton/model, stretched to different proportions and outer skins, but still functionally the same. Guild Wars 2 has at least 6 different player model rigs. Which means any animation they make has to be recreated at least 6 different times That assumes they want them all to move and look the same. If they want them to be individually unique, that multiplies even further, and that's just the start of it. Integrating anims into combat is especially difficult, because they have to be able to blend into every other combat stance or anim and not frame skip or jump around all over the place like a 2-D sprite animation. It's not impossible. In fact, they've already done something like this with "How to Dance Vol. 1". But as had been said, the amount of work involved is, compared to other games, immense. Worthwhile, but immense.
  11. After all the effort you put in to getting Renown Hearts *out* of new maps?
  12. Profession- and Specialization-locked content? That'll go over well... with no negative repercussions...
  13. Not Shortbow. Longbow. I recognize Satellite Options when I see them.
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