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Technically this post applies to PvE and WvW as well. I’ve wanted to make this note for a long time. I just figured eventually it’d be obvious to the ones in charge without hearing it from the community. But maybe they did and it’s not their fault and perhaps they earnestly tried their best to fix each problem but was just impossible to do without other consequences. Idk. But I don’t understand why balancing the game can’t be segregated within their own modes. PvE was created for us to have fun exploring and being able to kill things with ease. But when Anet nerfs a class because of some unfairness happening in PvP or WvW, it unfortunately affects us too (even though PvE never needed balancing) but not the enemies in PvE. We didn’t do anything to deserve the confinement ‘cause we’re not against other people. Making the PvE or WvW nerfs apply to all modes ruins the flow of combat in PvE and takes more time to kill for the same (or similar to the pre-nerf) reward. So in the end, players feel cheated because we don’t reap a moral dessert equal to the effort. Plus, we spend all this effort and money building the perfect character and fall in total adoration with it... but then we have to start all over? That’s not fair to us. It’s comforting to have a feeling of permanence sometimes... that something we love and spent a lot of time and hard work on isn’t going anywhere. Now we have to live in constant anticipation, unable to act on anything because we have to consider how it might change in the future and must be ready for that unknown possibility. Placing all modes in the same basket makes it impossible for us to settle down and feel happy about our class so we can move onto bigger things. And it makes no sense why they would be leveled the same way anyway with them being completely different game types with different systems and rules and purposes.

Thanks for listening and hopefully considering such changes.

All the best,Nala

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