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[Bad] Anet wana us sell Material but......

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there are some is Account Bound...........pls just let us put in Material Storage

  1. Account Bound
  1. Consumable Currency should also.......
  1. Mystic Forge only should too
  • Gift of the Fleet
  • [3 Gifts of Tarir]
  • [Gift of the Jungle]
  • [Gift of Sentience]
  • [Gifts of Battle]
  • [Legendary Spikes]
  1. others
  • [Plate of Meaty Plant Food]

and maybe .... just maybe if anet friendly more

  1. key
  • [Pact Crowbars]
  • [Vials of Chak Acid]
  • [bandit Skeleton Keys]
  • [Zephyrite Lockpicks]
  • [Machetes]
  • [Keys of Greater Nightmares]
  • [Completed Aetherkey]


and pls add 1c value at some can't see to tp item plslet play choose if they don't wanna keep can just sell it, not deletecos delete at sometime will make terrible thinghttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/6115/suggestions-about-can-be-safely-destroyed-after-acquiring-it#latest

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