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Selfless and Thoughtless Potions


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What are the ways to attain these two items? It says you can get them from the Mordrem Bloom vendor but the events aren't ran anymore/discontinued. On that, the Black Lion's Season 1 sprockets aren't around. I'd really like to add these to my collection.

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If I'm reading through the wiki correctly, they simply aren't obtainable anymore--and if anything, serves as another good example as to why they changed the way Living World events worked after Season 1. If you weren't there, you were simply out of luck--and it's exactly why they changed it for Seasons 2 and onward.

Sorry though--I didn't even know these existed, and would love to have a chance to get them as well.

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@Operator.2590 said:

@Tanner Blackfeather.6509 said:The Season 1 Memory boxes returns sporadically, keep a lookout!

Ah, didn't know that! Definitely will then!

They have, at different times, been available directly in the gem store (200 each or 1500 for 10), in Black Lion Chests, and for Black Lion Statuettes (35 each).I don't remember if the Commemorative Sprocket was a guaranteed drop or not, but as I recall it was fairly common to get more than one.

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