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Hair style responding incorrectly to in-game lighting

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I posted this in the Art Issues bug thread but wasn't sure if it should be there as 99% of the other posts were about clipping issues. But basically after finally saving up for this hairstyle, I noticed the in-game colour varied greatly depending on the lighting and almost never matched my character or the colour I initially picked in the preview. I'm pretty sure it's because the game thinks it is clothing, and not part of my character model. Normally clothing is lit very differently to your hair/character model. People have even complained about this because they can't match their hair to their clothes as they respond to lighting so differently, but I always understood this to be how the game works and it made sense to me:


So I bought this hairstyle thinking that would still be the case as it has been with every other hairstyle I've had across characters including my old one on this character. It was a sandy beige that always matched my fur pattern no matter what the lighting. This one I gave the same kind of colour but it is always changing and looks very different from what I thought it would look like in game. Please fix to make it respond not as clothing but as part of the model. I would not have purchased this hair if I was aware it was bugged and would go back to my old one but I can't afford to change again. Is this the only hairstyle that's like this or did anyone else have this problem? Here's what it does in different lighting compared to the preview which is what I initially picked:


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