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Missed Dialogue From Story Mission - Mortus Virge - Human/Priory


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Hi, I completed the Mortus Virge story step and I was talking with Josir in the swamp. Just as the dialogue scene ends, he runs off and you can leave the instance. But I tried to talk to him as he was leaving and I saw that he had more dialogue. It was hard to read and keep up with him at the same time, but I saw that he had something about whether they can make more Mortus Virge devices or not. I couldn't finish reading before he left.

Then I checked the GW 2 wiki to see what dialogue he had and there isn't anything included there: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mortus_Virge

I checked YouTube to see if any other players had read the dialogue, but every one of them always let Josir leave the instance and never tried talking to him.

Is there any way to know what dialogue Josir had left?

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@Konig Des Todes.2086 said:Since it's not documented on wiki, the only reliable means would be to replay the mission on a new character and screenshot the text and read the screenshots. I made a stub notice on the wiki so hopefully someone can get it documented on wiki soon.

That's a good idea I'll try it! Thanks for making a notice. I also noticed a lot of other missing dialogue that isn't on the wiki for the story missions, but I think there is so much you can't expect everything to be included. At least most of it is!

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