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Please Reduce the ICD on Eluding Nullification and Buff to 2 Conditions Removed

Exalted Quality.8534

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In my opinion, there should not be a 10sec ICD on Elluding Nullification in its current state. Let's face it...the amount of conditions in the meta right now is excessive. The fact that a face-rolling scourge with little-to-no skill can consistently vomit conditions to outpace mitigation in most scenarios is disgusting. Eluding Nullification is already kept in check endurance recovery, so a 10sec ICD is far too excessive. Please reduce the ICD to 5 seconds and increase the number of conditions removed from 1 to 2. This would encourage active use of mitigation techniques to keep your team in the fight against the ever-cancerous condi meta that's taken hold since the weeks preceding the PoF launch.

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