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Thoughts on Deadeye WvW


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No this isn't a moan just some things I've noticed in WvW on Deadeye and some possible issues that I hope are being addressed

So, I'm enjoying the Deadeye and coming from simply loving staff/dp Daredevil I thought I'd hate it.

It needs tweaks sure. I work Backline(and roamwith one or two others) in WvW on it. it has a lot of issues I believe its range needs a small increase due to timing of taking a knee. range of other classes like soulbeast and Necro/scourge.Yes it has a longer range than Necro/Scourge, no I'm not dumb. This is a sniper we are talking about here not some plain old rifle user. The way the maps are in WvW its hard to keep that MAX range due to kneeling delay and being pushed and so on hence the slight increase.

Marking and new steal is great, so good work on that Devs.

Obstructions are a real issue. Any sort of terrain elevation change, even if you are at the top of a small hill targeting the guy at the bottom always seems to suffer from obstruction. Shooting Targets on tower/keep walls (sounds like a perfect job for a Deadeye) you cant because you always gets an obstruction, even if I'm in action cam and zoomed in and can see the whole player/ npc body I should get a hit, not an obstruction. Especially annoying if they can hit me.

Enemy warrior bubble colours need to be changed so you can see who's is who's or you just kill yourself shooting through it. As there is so much projectile hate around now.

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@ugrakarma.9416 said:something weird i discovered i tend to be ignored on blobs fights. when blobs clashes i try "sit" at some mid point of ally blob, and start the shots. probably ppl get used to fight the old "hit and run" thiev and avoid chase them.

I do this as a backline rev as well and often get ignored(as i am out on the periphery) despite dropping hammers on the zerg, because of the "stay on tag" zerg rule...works great.

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