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Free Heroic Edition key for your friends


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Hi guys, I'm not sure if it has any use since GW2 went Free to Play but just in case I will post a key to a Heroic Edition of GW2 in case some of your friends are interested in playing this game, maybe it gives them a head start or something, no idea. So here you go: 63()3**6Q4-RS#W47-B"949-M+LD-TLK/FPH7 ( I put in the special characters as an anti bot measure, dashes - ARE NOT part of the anti bot measure, so you will have to type them in for the code to work properly, sorry if its a hassle :( )

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Here's the official features comparison in case someone's curious (Heroic Edition gives Core Account). One oversight the list makes is Guild Hall Tavern boosts (for e.g. 24h 10% EXP), those are not available without expansions. With TP access and extra character/bag slots it's still a powerful upgrade.

I didn't touch the code, I just love the clacking of my keyboard too much. Thank you for donating that, let's hope it goes to good use!

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