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  1. CPUs generally drop frequency to battle overheating. Your system might either be clogged by dust, or your CPU cooler could have become loose and lose adequate contact to the CPU. Either way you need to open up your computer and see what's going on. Programs like HWMonitor show you what your temp sensors see, but that severe throttling either means next to no cooling or messed up BIOS settings (something that has to be done manually, BIOS doesn't mess itself up by itself). The physical machine generally only gets hot when the cooling is working as intended but has inadequate capacity for user
  2. Hardcore characters. Either/both permadeath and/or fresh start without all the already unlocked masteries. Both deliver a good deal of replayability. Maybe even difficulty settings (with or without added rewards, a special title for beating a list of things in a more difficult manner ought to be doable with existing assets). Just torture us, HoT maps in particular have so much depth that even completionists only touch once or twice. What I don't want? Sponges. Number of mechanics > amount of HP to get rid of. Requiring specific classes to do specific tasks in open PvE metas would be wild. J
  3. Congrats! Skyscale is a blessing for alt-accounts, so much cheaper than a Griffon, and thanks to me loving GW2 for what it is the process is just another drop in the sea of joy. Spin spin, vigor, spin spin. Griffon might reach more sustainable speeds, but Skyscale still gets you around in manner that feels like you're the reason there's no tomorrow. Fantastic mount. Got me into crafting, helped me get over my issues with heights (opened JPs to me, I love them now), and frankly made me learn a bunch about maps I had previously just sped through chasing the story. I recommend visiting the Tarir
  4. If they're truly hard resets it's a hardware issue, Windows is 99% of the time able to handle anything primarily software related (RAM issues included) in a relatively controlled manner (blue screen). To narrow it down you need to run actual stress tests, not just other games. The depth of potential causes is vast, and could be as niche as specific CPU core reaching specific load threshold and crashing. If you don't just want random guesses from bored enough people, we need data. What exactly have you tried, what are your temps under load and how did you gather that data, what are your specs,
  5. I'm nitpicking for no good reason, sorry, but I don't know what you refer to as a full-fledged account. Core for e.g. doesn't have access to masteries, so I wouldn't stamp it with such a term. It's also the least valuable upgrade as nothing it unlocks adds to what you get with any other purchase, nor does it unlock additional story to what F2P has access to. According to the Wiki the TP restrictions (what most people probably care the most about) take five days to lift (I could have sworn it was three days, but :shrug:).
  6. We had a sale in February, so the next sale might not be for a while (but we can't know). You can look into official retailers, for example DLGamer has a 33% discount. Any copy of PoF unlocks HoT, they're not special separate keys. Do not buy from a keyseller.
  7. Separate HoT keys are practically still worth a shared account slot and a Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket. So even if they later purchase PoF, they'll still get some extra from those HoT keys. I also think HoT is fantastic, so taking their time to experience it the proper way is also a plus in my books. (Where did she find copies of HoT?)
  8. Welcome back! Answering something so broad is difficult, but I'll share a cent or two. There's no rush to 80, advance in whatever pace feels best. If you don't want to aimlessly run around levelling, Dive Master achievement takes you around the world and the Mastery Point reward is highly worthwhile. Map Completion is something you'll want to do at some point, but you can focus on more interesting things while you rediscover your footing with the game. I recommend playing the story, but if it's not your cup of tea, that too can be finished later. Boosting a character is the last resort, it's
  9. I love the Skritt, they often have fun things to say. Thunderhead Peaks probably has my favourite (chain of) dialogue. I don't want to spoil it since it's practically a small story. Least favourite would be anything that's said in central Rata Sum. Golem uprising can't come soon enough. (JUST. MOVE. ALONG. ALREADY!) Honorable mention (since it's from a dungeon, not open world) goes to Kudu, who said "You realize I have a small army of golems on my side" when I was knocking his door with a party of four necromancers + turret support. Gods bless your toasters!
  10. Episodes of LWS4 and Icebrood Saga are sold separately, the story that comes with PoF itself is of course free. I suspect you didn't have Heart of Thorns either, so the list of things you got gets rather long. I'll try to break it down into something manageable. Masteries and daily login rewards.Ability to play "unlocked" LW and Saga episodes. All account types can "unlock" them, but expansions are required to play them.Heart of Thorns, it used to cost another £25. HoT unlocks gliding, Revenant (new class), nine elite specs, and some of the best metas in the game.Mounts. PoF itself contains s
  11. You're the only one. No one else has voiced the slightest dissatisfaction with the Saga so far. I unfortunately am not qualified to diagnose what's wrong with you, sorry.
  12. The controls alone are worth it for me, even before I learned to love JPs. Action Camera is awesome. Beyond that.. the world is still largely unknown to me. I'm around 1500 hours in, and I'm nowhere near to hearing everything every path has to offer. And I guess I should add that I enjoy the world. I may not agree with the treatment of certain species, but I suppose that only adds to the game. And I struggle to spend money. Vast bulk of my spending comes from my numerous alts and their LWS unlocks. I come from STO, I have spent hundreds of euros on new ships, but that hasn't carried over to GW
  13. What mount are we talking about? Most of them are not that hard to acquire (wiki may cover more ground than is necessary, we can give you the TLDR if you don't feel like reading a wall of text after expecting to receive the mount with the skin). Mounts have their own masteries, it's a good system: they all have their unique uses, so a skin doesn't define the mount. You'll always want to use the right mount for the job. It's not about one being 0.1 mps faster than another, they have different abilities. And you'll want them all.
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