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When can we expect the raid bugs to be fixed?

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There might be more but for now ill just mention the big ones.1) VG getting stuck when a seeker is in front of him. This is annoying as it delays pulling the boss and at times u spawn greens in the wrong section because of this bug. The only way around it is distorting greens or praying than VG doesnt get stuck for long enough to create problems.2) MO. Aggro on both Overseer and statues is completely broken at this point. The circle around, take strolls and if they remember they come to the group. MO seems to have some problem with the middle of the arena as he stops aggroing at times, goes back to the middle then comes back again and on and on.Lastly, statues explode ALWAYS, even if they arent dying on lit areas. This is the most annoying one by far, u can either try to time protect so u avoid the damage or try to distort or watch your group get wiped the moment statues die. Especially for cm, these bugs are gamebreaking.

People are patient and understand that PoF release has halted everything else back but it's been weeks now and it's about time these problems get addressed asap.

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