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Glyph of Virtue not working in Norn Home Instance

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Bought the Glacial Harvesting Tool. Removed the Glyph of Virtue, stuck it into a Skyscale Hatchling Mining Tool. Was out and about Bjora Marches harvesting various mining nodes and Eternal Ice Shards and that was working, though 1 to 4 Karma per strike? 1,000 gems for a pitiful amount of Karma should of been added to the text, as seems to be a waste for a glyph - and probably would not be so misleading.

In any case, when I was mining 8 different nodes in the Norn Home Instance, I could see the 1 to 4 Karma points on each strike, however the Inventory screen did not show any increase what-so-ever. Closed the Inventory screen, opened it back up, was still at 158,809 Karma. Exited the Home Instance, came back in, harvested other the Eternal Ice Shard node, same thing, no pittance of Karma was added to the Inventory screen while inside the (Norn) Home Instance. Exiting did not increase the number either. Seems to not be working inside the Norn Home Instance - unsure about other Home instances cause just got it today.

While most players I've chatted with think Karma is not worth anything. I happen to be more of a solo player in a tiny guild, and work two jobs. Can only get online around midnight or so. For me & my 39 other characters Karma is used quite a bit for armor and decent weapons - up until I can make ascended weapons. Others think VM is King, yet I rarely even use it. But that's their thing, I am not them. Got the Glacial Harvesting Tool for its Glyph of Virtue hoping it could help increase Karma. Especially in Bjora Marches, that map does not offer much Karma compared to other maps. Drakkar's karma is bad. Get more karma from Claw of Jormag.

Personally would rather seen 10 to 20 karma per strike, especially since the item has to be purchased. 1 to 4 is rather stingy, something I could see Daybreak Games doing in comparison. Does the VM tools only give 1 to 5 per strike too?


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