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Dark Amber Bubbles?

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There are dark amber bubbles floating up from my character. She used the level 40 experience scroll so it can't be from an infusion. I checked the effects on my toon and there's nothing that refers to the effect. I checked the wiki and the lvl 40 experience scroll I used says nothing about applying such an effect. Then I did a search here, but you can't do a search if you don't know what you're looking for. I just need an explanation of what this is from and why I have it before I start using more of these lvl 40+ scrolls.

Thank you and good day.

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What class is that character?

I couldn't say without a screenshot, but some professions have skills that cause additional vfx (in the case of revenant, you get additional vfx for just existing, as does ele).

Additionally there are some armor skins that apply additional effects to you.

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It's probably the warrior elite skill Signet of Rage. I remember being confused by its passive visual effect as well when I was new all those years ago.

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