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Big flaw in Swiss ATs- Make Finals Bo3

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So for me most ats I do have maybe 1 team that will ever even have a chance at beating my team. A lot of the time we go against each other in the first or second round and guess what my team usually wins those pretty convincingly.Now what really sucks is that even though your team beat them very early there is still a chance to meet them in finals. Just the fact that they can be in the finals isn’t too bad because they are obviously one of the better teams, but guess what they have an unfair advantage over the team that already beat them and tbh this is a big flaw in the system.So you go against this team that you already beat except guess what they had a huge amount of time to think about strategy and what comp can they swap to last sec just to counter you while you will have no idea. For me I can literally think of thief builds off the top of my head that I think alone would give us the favor back, but guess what I’m not 500 iq enough to guess what their new strat is when they can just swap last second.This situation is in many cases a disadvantage and guess what in my case even if my team beat these tough teams really badly we still lose sometimes in finals.Now here’s the problem- we go into finals 1-0 against a team with what is a giant advantage on their part and if we leave 1-1 they get first place and you get second! Now this is super unfair as any team smart enough to take advantage of this will probably have 70-30 advantage for this 1 match, so they should win it tbh. Just the fact that they only tied the score though imo means they shouldn’t win the whole thing.So pretty much can we plz Make the Finals Bo3. If you lose early on despite being a decent team you really don’t have an excuse for losing the 2nd time as you have a big advantage strategy wise.

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