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Could I have more rez cheese in down state please Anet!

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It makes pvp so damn fun not being able to kill someone and instead downing them over and over again. Thank goodness people can rez faster than others can cleave or stomp now. It makes me feel so much better than actually killing them, I'm a pacifist by nature you see so this current meta in 2v2 and 5v5 of cheesy rez abilities and powerful uninterrupted rez in the middle of battle really fits my lifestyle.

Thank Anet! Keep up the great work! Next I think damage shouldn't really do damage at all, and you should regenerate health while in downstate by default, there is enough death in this world.

Next I think you should buff thieves, they need to have smoke screen and other stealth abilities up 100% of the time on cooldown, how else are you going to let people live their true life as a real RP thief?

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