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  1. Think it's clear the heading of thread is incorrect.
  2. What if the runes 6th bonus was the superseded & all traps gain a 1 sec reduction in their cd, the rune would still be useful but not a crutch for specs like dh. Also change the rune to effect all trap like skill ie preparations and such, even marks are trap like.
  3. What if it searched for a player to fill the spot? Its important to remember thing like this will have no perfect fix but instead we should look for one that that improves the situation greatly.
  4. This^ slb and core are fine, druid sucks so bad almost could be a warrior spec haha.
  5. Seriously? Like are u Seriously serious about being serious that u are confused why there's players jumping the gun, especially when calling out classes/builds as op in gw2 forums? That's like 90% of posts in pvp & wvw sections.
  6. Yeah I agree being a wall ranger is 0 skill but dying to a wall ranger means........ya nuff said.
  7. Well being in this game for 7 yrs and have had recently moved on I will say that u are not wrong.
  8. Its fascinating that when warrior had some Meta builds that were offensive based and were effective players created all those warrior broken op threads and all the reasons stated why warrior is balanced in these threads were what was used as counter arguments as to why they weren't broken op.. these very arguments were ignored or just warriors being bias for their class. Now that warrior is arguably the weakest class in the game due to overnerfs all those players now agree warrior is balanced for the very reasons previously said haha. The pvp community when it comes to balancing is its ow
  9. Umm so I'm guessing ur new. If u dodge while being hit with rapid u basically avoid 3/4 of the damage so no u are not dead, even if ur glass unless ur already low hp. Over exaggerated statements provide little to no useful info. No decent player with a dodge, any defensive cd's on utilities or skills with evade frames dies to rapid fire unless ur new to the game, dont know ur class and or just bad at the game mechanically. These players should not be used as a premise for nerfs. Games trash enough these days.
  10. 3/5 pvp, basically due to combat mechanics. .5/5 pve, omg so many better mmo's out there for this purpose.
  11. Omg haha, man gw2 players legit whine about anything that challenges them, now OWP is broken? Seriously u players need to quit helping anet ruin all the classes. If its effective vs someone = broken- gw2 players. Then they complain the classes are less fun to use than they were in the days past haha.
  12. Use sic em to reveal teef.....ooooohhhhh sry u meant that class that's warrior in name only lol chose the real warrior class of them game, u get a nifty pet to keep u company:)
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