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  1. The build/playstyle is just one of the few that anet seems to promote that have literally turned this games pvp into a joke, population in pvp is pathetic and that's with a expansion so close on the horizon. But that said if ur playing gw2 for pvp u should probably move on to a different game cuz regardless of the potential gw2 pvp had its certainly not reaching close to it with these devs lol, there are far better mmo's to play for pvp and far better mmos for pve so it's not really surprising the state of this game. If gw2 wasn't so cost or casual friendly it have been shut down long ago.
  2. Honestly there are issues with stealth in this game but stealth is far from the only problem. Gw2 has literally became a meme of a mmo for pvp and will never have a healthy population as long as devs ignore and actually promote certain playstyle that make most competitive players laugh their kitten off at this game right before hitting the delete button. Examples of these are zoo neceo, trapper guard, core burn guard that has far more sustain than a guard main pretends to only have while doing insane braindrad bursts, flamethrower scrapper(gotta love that swiftness and stab while u literally s
  3. Lol I was being sarcastic, sry I guess it didn't show thru my post very well.
  4. I like this logic right here haha. A bad build 9r build that's been left behind isn't always overshadowed by op builds, that's silly, it's simply not used because vs most meta builds it gets destroyed and simply isn't very good in this meta, nothing to do with how viable dp is.
  5. This is so true^ I think when watching the skill it takes to play scourge, fb and scrappers etc in zergs it is overwhelmingly intimidating so players chose to complain instead.
  6. Damage is high only in spacific meta set ups only accessible by a small group of specs and in a few meme builds, again that are only accessible by a few specs. In any other case damage is actually too low for the majority of cases this was caused by feb blanket patch that didn't take each individual class into account therefore leaving gw2 into a uncontrolled mess of things left either overpowered or underpowered.
  7. Sry but imo in 2021/22 there is no class that is 2x slower than thief if played right, mobility has gone up exponentially in last few yrs or so. Secondly if u can't punish a thiefs mistakes than that's not really a thief issue as thieves definitely can be punished for them and downed, see all the threads regarding thieves disengage potential being to high, they ran away for a reason. I will say stealth is a bit overpowered in its current form but only minor changes/nerfs are needed to be made to keep it in check. My suggestions being stealth is lost on any form of damage taken, only initi
  8. I donno man, what could be more fun than wvw's current blob on blob aoe spam fest where big battles mostly consist of the majority of the players in the blob just rolling their heads on their keyboards mindlessly spamming their aoes while the other blob stays at a distance and pushes in during small breaks in said aoe gbage spam to deliver the same aoe mindless spam to their opponents lmao good times, good design devs. Now imagine blob fights where aoes where only in the form of aoe cleave around the players and any ranged aoe were only in form of buffs and debuffs that didn't stack. The
  9. Dude, look at warriors main hand sword skills, if that's not indicative of weapon mystery I donno what is haha.
  10. Knowledge of the thief class and how it's played, map awareness, aoe's, cleave and skills like rapid fire that track and hit targets after they've gone into stealth if skill was initiated before target stealthed are the main ones that come to mind, then there is others like fear, aegis from guard etc or shielding skills.
  11. Man u can't blame thief for $hitting on warrior, it's not thief's fault anet has completely destroyed the warrior class in this game. Ask for improvements to warriors kit to handle thieves, not for the nerfing or deletion of a class other players enjoy. I say this as a warrior player.
  12. Arena's coming end of the month, whether there a reasonable grar cap or standardized gear remains to be seen, a poll in the games reddit showed the majority want standardized or low gear caps vs non capped.
  13. Bdo has better combat than gw2, don't get me wrong I think gw2 has great combat but not quite as good as bdo and with bdo recently increasing catch upechanics, more focus on pve content like story, dungeons etc, addition of pvp arenas which will prob have standardized gear or a low gear cap and lastly life skill improvements gw2 devs better start supporting their game better in the future because there are mmo's out there currently that are being supported and improved 10x that of what anet seems to be capable of if the last 4 years are any indication of such. I'm just using bdo as a exam
  14. Being greatest at one thing is a double edged sword, thief for example eats nerfs, shoe horned into one or two builds, traitlines nerfed into uselessness or never buffed because it must be fine as its always in the meta for its ability to decap nodes, but what if a ton of thief players love the class but don't want to be a decap runner every game while on their fav class? Can't ask for buffs to CS so it can have a great high burst risky build, sure it hits decent but way higher sustain classes still out burst a cs thief, but cs traitline will never see buffs cuz thief is already best decapper.
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