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  1. Really, gw2 is the only mmo where stealth isnt a hit of a button lol. In gw2 u have to go through more hoops than any other mmo to keep stealth up ie blasting through smoke fields vs just having perma stealth in wow with a back up perma stealth to use in combat OR eso where u get 3 sec of stealth by just hitting a button so u just tap it every 3 secs AND it stops dot damage from hurting u while ur in stealth. Gw2 stealth is actually thee most fair stealth in mmo's requiring the most active upkeep and resources to keep up, resources that are also used to attack. Man this games playerbase i
  2. Haha biggest sa thief defender? 1- I defend thief period because players of this game cry for nerfs against builds they dont like even when their not oppressive just because they cant be bothered to learn to fight it, easy to whine for nerfs. 2- I play staff cs thief and kitten s/d thief more than anything. 3- barely touch pvp, haven't even started placements. 4- I play maybe a hr a week these days in wvw, switched to eso as a main mmo as it has better questing and nightblade is a far more fun rogue class as it hasn't been completely neutered by whiny nerf cryers lol. These days I really could
  3. Weird u think that that is about right lol considering the amount of threads of thief complaining about their class is dwarfed by thief hater whine threads, most accounts of thieves stating theirs classes issues are in a defensive response to some biased thief hate thread lol. Man this game attracts the best community.
  4. Have not around long, it may happen infrequently cuz balance passes from anet are just that but when enough players cry about a build or skill it definitely is usually the next thing anet "adjusts" which usually nukes the build. I mean u seriously don't think that qq's steer anets balance decisions lol they don't kno their game enough to rely on themselves unfortunately.
  5. Wow the fact that anyone picked anything other than necro and guard for this polls shows how incredibly biased players are or how disingenuous a lot of the players are. Regardless of ur opinion of the classes in this game its beyond blatantly obvious necro and guards are by far thee most seen classes in pvp, its not even close in any way, even a new player would notice this quite quickly.
  6. Or just make sure every class has two 3 sec reveal options in their utility repertoire. The teleport idea is silly as mobility has been handed out like candy to almost every class like candy over the last few years, half the classes are more mobile then they should be given their other defensive means. Lastly doing what op suggested wont fix anything as players will still chose the easiest route ie...complaining about anything they have troubles with vs trying to learn proper ways to deal with them.
  7. Hmm so thieves have to build a certain way to survive and be effective leading to the situations u described but u aswell has had to build a certain way leading to the situation u described, a stale mate that was a frustrating waste of time for the both of u. So whose the problem? Should the thief lose mobility/disengage potential and stealth access so the get killed easy since that's their defense or should ur class not be able to build soo defensively to the point a glassy burst spec can't hope to burst u down even if they outplay u? Tough questions.
  8. U serious? Could it be because thief mains are using their class in the role it's best at....roaming? Ur post is ridiculous at best wow, again THIS game attracts some special players holly. could it also be that theif mains dont have a great zerg build option aswell so they stick to what their fav class is good at......roaming? Lastly maybe theif mains picked a rogue archetype because they like that playstyle......which lends to roaming. Maybe these are the reasons why their are a lot of DD roaming hmmm, this reasons seem more plausible than twisting it to ur bias bs regarding thief bein
  9. Ur right lmao just continue as is, working great....my bad, good plan.
  10. The hope is if things like this were implemented than maybe there would be less botting and wintrading etc as the accounts doing so in ranked would have to be purchased each time they were banned thus resulting in a better pvp experience thus increasing pvp population. Being afraid to devide the small playerbase short term to gain a higher population in the long term isn't a good mindset or this games pvp will never be on the path to a better population.
  11. Ur last paragraph is the point I was trying to make to the guy.
  12. Honestly I kind-of agree, unranked should be open to f2p players but ranked should be only open to those who have all expacs.
  13. By identity I mean that the rogue archetype which is thief in gw2 always is designed as a class that's glassy, burst and relies on mobility and stealth for defensive purposes. If u gave every class stealth, high burst and high mobility in every mmo ud be removing the point of the rogue in that game as why wouldn't u pick a high mobility tanky bruiser if it also had rogues access to stealth lol, u wouldn't ever because ud be handicapping urself.
  14. What about the always forgotten CS ? Lol most dont take it cuz it offers 0 utility while only providing slightly higher DPS gains over kitten.
  15. Really cuz when anet brought up the idea pre implementation soooooo many players warned of the issues that would arise from implementing a game wide blanket nerf patch that didn't take into account each classes individual balance and where they stood relative to each other. To add players that knew anet and have been around long enough also knew that those proposed frequent balance adjustments following the patch to deal with the obviously large amount of issue that would arise from such a patch would result in being nothing more than empty promises. The game would have been way better of
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