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Excessive Messaging

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Hey guys. I searched through the forums and found some old posts (over a year) that related to this, but I wanted to refresh the topic and tell ANET that (I, at least) would like this changed...

I regularly get a lot of minis or dyes or randomness that I'd like to share with my guildies. I'll ping the list in chat and get anywhere from 3-12 people interested. When I go to mail this stuff to them, after the first 2-3 messages, I got stopped for excessive messaging.

I COMPLETELY understand the reasoning for having some sort of stoppage in place, as I hate getting the spam mails from gold sellers and the like, but there has to be a better way to do this. Some options I've come up with:

  1. After a certain period of play time you gradually get to mail more messages in a row before the block kicks in (ex: You play through until level 30, you can then send 5 messages in a row. Level 60, 7 messages. Level 80, 10 messages etc.

  2. You can mail your guildies uninhibited, but get blocked if you send too many messages in a row to people not in your guild.

  3. Do away with the block completely. I was under the impression that, because you can trade diamonds for gold, you essentially cut the feet out from under gold sellers.

I'm sure there will be issues with any of these ideas, and would welcome anyone that can come up with something else. Personally, I like number 2 for the simplicity.

Either way, I reallllly wish we could mail more than 3 messages in a row, especially as it would let us help others out more efficiently, which is a keystone of this game, isn't it?

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