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Renewed Focus in PvP


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"Meditation. Focus, making yourself invulnerable and recharging your virtues." Pretty much every iteration of Guardian is running this elite in PvP right now. DH, Firebrand, Core Guard it compliments every build. The invuln part is fine and can be used skillfully to soak up resources from the enemy - however, the fact that it recharges virtues completely means that you can spam through your virtues with little risk or thought about pressure as the fight draws on. I would suggest that the virtue recharge be reduced to 33% so that there is a bit more pressure to use this skill at opportune times instead of it just being a free pass in teamfights.

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@pukish.5784 said:give and take yo!u want guardian's nerf then what do u sacrifice?

yee you're right. Recharge should probably be reduced somewhat to compensate. It's just a really unhealthy-feeling elite for the flow of the game at the moment when you have no control over skills getting recharged like this through an invuln.

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