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[LFG][NA][CST-ish] Looking for a place to call home!


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Hello people of GW2. Hope you all have been applying plenty of sun screen in the recent heat o/

Short and simple, I'm looking to find a guild to just hang up my weapons and kick back with a glass of lemonade. Historically, I've been in larger guilds that were very heavy into the meta and "speedrunning". But needless to say that got very tiring very quickly especially with feeling like I was just a number in a roster. I've been poking around at smaller guilds hoping for a more family orientated atmosphere, but sadly I wasn't fitting in with the guilds I looked at due to my scheduling (that work life, le sigh).

So! What is it that I am looking for:

  • Discord: I'm a typical 8-5 office guy so me being able to lurk stay in the loop while outside of the game is ideal
  • Family friendly: Not that I have a little one sitting in on my gaming, but I'm not one for caring too much about folks who sound like they are sailors. Though stepping on a Lego is totally free game in regards to how you express yourself.
  • Prime Time: Being CST, a good portion of my play time occurs just after reset.
  • PvE-Oriented: I'm the kind of guy that will accidentally build a catapult in the wrong direction in WvW and who goes colorblind in PvP ("wait, what do you mean there's no yellow team?!"). I have multiple 150 AR toons, completed all the raids along with a handful of challenge motes, and have all 9 characters geared to the teeth
  • Bad puns: Either be willing to put up with or encourage bad puns.

If you have a spot for a filthy elitist social butterfly like me just hit me up in game or shoot me a message on the forums!

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