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LFG NA PvE/Fractals/Dungeons that doesn't require Coms.

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Hi there!

As the title says, I am looking for a active PvE guild that does fractals, dungeons, and world events and doesn't require voice communications like discord/ts. I have a bad time with sounds and get sensory overload bad to where I get migranes. I play the game in silence yet can type and research game mechanics (know most from doing them over 7 years) I can't transfer due to being with DB and run with the gods guild on raid nights (wvw) where I don't have to get into coms. So looking for a active PvE guild that doesn't mind taking in a ol gal that can contribute to a good time. I do all my communication via typing.

If I sound like someone who your guild would like to have on board, please contact me. I look forward to hopefully finding another home for pve events.


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Hiya, Sin!

I think you'd really like my guild, Café Solidarity. We're a laid-back guild that doesn't require voice coms. I get sensory overload, too, which is why I created the guild to be like this. I even put it in our official Guild Recruitment Post, so people who join will understand that we don't really use voice. I tried a couple guilds that said voice chat "wasn't required," but I found that most people still used it, so I ended up feeling left out of conversations.

We do periodic dungeons, Guild Missions on Wednesdays, and we Fractal Fridays every Friday night (or groups that do Fractals throughout the week), all without using voice at all.

If you'd like to learn more about us, you can check out our Guild Recruitment Post or visit our Discord. The Discord has our guidelines and you can check out the #introductions channel to read more about our members and decide if you want to join. If you have any specific questions, I'm also happy to answer them here, in game, or on the Discord. =D

I hope we end up being a good fit for you!~Jevati

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