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I love PvE Reaper

Black Storm.6974

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The current PvE power Reaper is the most fun character I have controlled in any game.

I just love fighting with it and I’m against any of the proposed rework I’ve read.

It is also not very easy and not too complex to play well. I can play it well enough while also keeping attention at what happens in the fight, and this is very important to me.

The rotation require to use a lot of skills (with a not too short cooldown) and to cycle inside and outside of shroud, but it don’t feel too complex to me. Not blindly following the rotation can also be important, based on the scenario.

Most of the damage coming from shroud skills also means that avoiding taking damage while in shroud is necessary to not loose a lot of dps.

The aoe blind, the CCs, the way “life steel” (I rarely use that lately) and life force generation scale, make Reaper very fun and effective against group of mobs.

Also, I love its fluidity. With Reaper I have free movement while using almost every skill and this is really helpful when fighting.

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