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Core engineer needs more sources of Stability


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Lack of Stability on core engineer is extremaly limiting for build diversity on Core Engi especially.Right now any build that is not Scrapper is forced to use Elixir U, and Elixirs traitline is what naturally comes after that. It is the only reliable source of Stability for core Engineer and Holosmith, other sources include:

  • sacrificing one trait line for Firearms, which is bad, and one utility skill for Flamethrower, which is also bad in most situations;
  • Thumper Turret toolbelt skill, for a whole 1 second of 1 stack of Stability;
  • Throw Elixir B, which is a relatively long-cast skill, that also requires aiming AND elixir flight time, that prolong the overall use time. On top of that it's a projectile and can be reflected, body-blocked (even if you are blinded and it hits an enemy it says "Miss" and no effects applies) etc. Despite that IMO it's the 2nd best source of Stability, and is also an Elixir; there's no reason to choose it over Elixir U, as all the boons from Elixir B come as minor trait from Elixirs traitline (Minor Elixir B).
  • Transforms from Elixir X, which also lock you out of your skills.

Some simple ideas that come to my mind:

  • Stability upon using a toolbelt skill with 10s ICD;
  • Stability on Gadgets - the skill type lays dormant and untouched, quite hard to fit into builds except Rocket Boots and AED (IMO Mine and Ram are mostly a knock-back meme skills);
  • Stability on Explosive Entrance with some ICD;
  • Stability on weapon swap to buff kits, or even tie that to Streamlined Kits;
  • Turret(s) to pulse Stability as long as they are placed down;
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