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Low FPS on highend pc

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Hi!So i recently bought a new pc after years not playing this game.I have:AMD Ryzen 9 3900XNvidia RTX 2080 Super32GB DDR4 3600mhz RAMand a 1440p 165hz monitor.

on highest settings i get 40-50fps and on lowest possible 120fpsi cant even cap my monitor fpsin task manager it shows 15% cpu usage and 15-20% gpu usage.

on newest released games i have like 150-200 fps on newest demanding games on max settings 1440p

any tips what to do?


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Not much you can do, maybe try dx12 but it's an old engine, multiple player models and shadows will lower FPS by a lot and no computer is able to run maxed at >60FPS in crowded places, if you're not satisfied with performance try lowering Character model limit/quality and Shadows and see if it gets better.

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Like everyone else you are CPU bound in this game. Your 12 cores and 24 threads don't matter. Open the Windows Task Manager when you play GW2 and you will see one of your 24 threads being at 100%. That's the game's mainthread and that's what limits your fps.

Turn Reflections and Shadows off and you will notice a big performance gain.

D912PXY will improve your fps in some areas as it reorganizes some workload for the CPU. Don't expect miracles. You won't get stable 144 fps! In some areas D912PXY has zero effect and in other areas it will triple your fps. In theory it costs some GPU performance, but that's irrelevant for your 2080S. You are CPU bound all the time.

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