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New guild in Gandara - The Forgotten Dynasty [FD]

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Hello guys, my name is Stefan. Recently i have registered a guild by the name - The Forgotten Dynasty [FD], server - Gandara. This is a very fresh guild and it is a work in progress. I'm inspired and very passionate to have a guild and create a small community on my own, to connect people so we can find each other easily to play together. The guild is international and English language is preferred. PvE oriented - open world content, Meta, Fractals, Dungeons, Achievements etc, but other arrangements can also be organized. I would like to keep it casual and laid back in here.

There is also a Discord channel: https://discord.gg/dFSdcRY

Pm or mail me in game for recruiting and info: WolfSparkSmack.2649

Thank you all for your time :)

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