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The StarCraft banner wars


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Since we got the dragon banners, which can turn the tide of wvw for condi/power players i.e. cele/dire/zerker/griever.

I promote this strategy so you can use it asap.

Capture and secure and plant your banner asap. So, you can use it in the long run. Keep in mind the protect your banner tower or keep, so you have a goal while preparing your nuke.

This is a quick solution for casuals to kill the guild blob or Zerg and you can focus on mastering the skills and speed.

Of course anti banners will be set up too. Like rangers and warriors or mesmers or thieves with pew pew

So keep note. This is like the myth busters. For pugs , if something is worth doing, it's worth over doing.

The big team and small team will abuse this. So be prepared.

Prepare your small team that focuses on speed and stealth to capture tower/camp/keep. Then defend it. You can camp these unless a Zerg comes of which because you are out numbered out some supply drain x acs x sniping the enemy squishy x com. Best done by unblockable rangers.

Siege x banner will be your way until your fight Zerg is ready. Your fight Zerg must be composed of for every 5 atleast 2 support and 3 boon rip ae damage.

I.e. fb scourge spell rev x. This will allow you to figure what you want.

Many will qq when you got banners but fuck it, it's there. Use it. It's not your fault the enemy isn't organizing their attack.

Enjoy :)

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