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Your server performance is deteriorating

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All the same issues with me, the problem has been up since last week, i am a very patient man, but now i am running out of patience, one week plus and you still didnt even bother to answer all the people out here to tell us what is the problem? You have been keeping quiet all this while.

If you are not preparing to fix the problems soon, i am going for other games instead of waiting aimlessly. The game is unplayable for us.

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@Titanium.1930 said:What is happening? I was away for 2 weeks. Today I tried to play Guild Wars 2 and it is downloading files at few KB per sec or 0KB/S. Is something wrong with the server?

My guess is that, due to the war between COVID-19 and humanity's immune systems, server maintenance has come short and those issues are a result of missing maintenance.

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