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Selfless/Thoughtless Potion as infusion or something like it


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We had sometime ago a discussion on Reddit about make Selfless/Thoughtless Potion available to transform into infusions (reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/6u8oxh/please_make_selfless_potion_available_to/).I was not able to find anything here on forum so I decied to make myself a post. What do you think about it? What the devs have said about it?

Back to reddit we got some really cool ideias such as:

  • obviously make the Selfless/Thoughtless Potion available to transform into infusions;
  • nunheat said - make it like those back tigers from the legendary shortbow. You put on and stays until you want;
  • Sorez said - add an aura slot which you can freely change like outfits;
  • MithranArkanere said - A 'Miscelaneous Visuals' section in the wardrobe with 6 slots that you can set in your wardrobe with any items, as long as they do not overlap.If your gear has any effects that overlap, then the ones in the wardrobe would override them.Then gear that has extra effects like Nightfury and Bloodstone Visage would unlock those effects when bound to the account or destroyed, just like with skins, and there would by mystic forge recipes to turn upgrades, potions and other consumables into the unlocks that can be used to make them permanent and available in the wardrobe

These are just a few ideias that could make a huge diference on fashion wars ! I would love some answer/ thoughts from all of you <3

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