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Framerate drop

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Hi !

Step one. I would first delete your GW2 Cache.

Close your game completely.

Browse your My Computer to: “C:\Users\YourComputerUserName”

Then in the window menus, click on “Tools” then “Folder Options…”

In the window that pops up, click the “View” tab

Select to “Show hidden files, folders and drives” and click ‘OK’ (attached image #1)

You should now see a folder in your file listing called “AppData”, open this folder

Inside that folder open the “Local” folder

Inside that folder open the “Temp” folder

You should now see a folder called “gw2cache-{bunch-of-letters-and-numbers}”.

Delete the gw2cache folder.

Step 2. If that doesn't work i would do a fresh Nvidia Driver Installation.

Step 3. (optional if you want increased performance)

I recommend giving the DX9 to DX12 API a go. Make sure you read through the guide and installation process. There are quite a few benchmarks on YouTube with comparisons but the best way is to run tests in game in CPU limited scenarios and note the difference!


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