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Every time I get to the end battle of VoD I get a DC - - and it's starting to really kitten me off. At the end of cinematics it says that my character is still watching the video.

If you can't kittening fix it then push my character past it and give me the kittening rewards.

I got through the Romke mission by completely removing EVERYTHING to do with GW2 and reinstalling it all from scratch. So my game client is about as fresh as it can get. Am I expected to do this for EVERY story instance.

Everything else, in the game, works fine.

Also the in game bug reporter doesn't include Personal Story or story instances in the lisings.

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You can try using a VPN that takes a different path to the IP address of the instance.You can try changing your 'Streaming' option in Options.You can try minimizing cut-scenes.You can try spamming a skill or continuously moving your character during cut-scenes.You can try some of the other workarounds found in the Dev-posted thread, "Storyline Disconnects". (Start at end and work backwards.)

Good luck.

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