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What build for a freshly boosted Guardian?


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If you will go the FB route your probably will go condi damage. So torch off hand. Main hand either sword or scepter.

Without FB I would use virtues/zeal/radiance then drop virtues for FB. Utilities for core: Litany of wrath, sword of justice, signet of wrath, purging flames and feel my wrath.

Gear wise, you want to get to 100% burn duration. IMO balathazar runes are ideal. You get 50% burn duration, condi damage and 2k HP. Mix and match between viper and sinister or diviner. If you don’t have access to them then rampager is the Kmart option.

If you want to go power with FB... you could. But both core and DH are better. Just look for DH power build guide and slot FB instead of DH.

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