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[BUG] Silverwastes fall under the map

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Ok so, i was doing events today, was running and activated my mount, and i simply fell under the map. It happens in Divinity's Reach aswell, as soon as i enter in from Queensdale, if i mount up, i get half stuck in the ground, then fall under the map. Interestingly enough, in DR i fell in water, so i can explore the whole Tyria that way. I was looking for hidden models as in WoW, but found nothing so far.It happens randomly, but very often when i mount up i get stuck in the ground for a few seconds. Might be due to Player Model Limit - Low?

Screenshot from Silverwastes1DkLpfR.jpg

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@Gundahar.2765 said:Thanks for the tip, will do next time it occurs. I don't use mount skins, and it only happens with raptor (so far).

You can use mount skins, but wait for it to load up. Do not dismount til then or you might fall through the textures!Until they fix it maybe with a warp back if you hit a ceartain level at zones.

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