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Gemstore highly frustrating and keeps players from buying items/Black-Lion-Chests need rework

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I haven't played the game for a while but recently started to play a bit. One of the most frustrating things in GW2 right now - besides problems that seem to still exist (hats that remove all hair; bugs in the story, problems in the story when playing coop) is the Gem-Store.

The store seems to get some rotation every day - mostly items get prolonged or 1-2 items get added. Many items seem to only be avaliable once to twice a year - the gemstore barely seems to change for weeks.

I tend to play for a few weeks/months and then take a pause so it is almost impossible to get the items i would want - even if i play daily for weeks or months there is almost no rotation in the gemstore.

I do realize this is about - Artificial scarcity - but as it is in this gemstore its just absurd. By having Items only twice a year rather random you don't make more people buy it you make less people buy it because no one even knows when its on the store and most people at some point loose interest. So why not make Gemstore-Rotations in a way that all items will be in the store at least once over the course of 3-4 Months? Why not make more sales - especially for items that are really old and would be cheaper in any normal store (like for example old Living-World-Content)?

Also i do realize that they need the gemstore to keep the servers running - but the prices ware just over the Top - 2000 Gems for a Mount, 800 for armor etc. are simply too high for what you actually get - why not make them a bit cheaper but add stuff more often?

Black-Lion-Chests:But it gets even worse - there are rarely any discounts - and things don't get cheaper at all - for example living-season.Other stuff is even more frustrating - for example black-lion-chests. Years ago there was a good chance to get something out of them - which was good since many paid real money for the keys. These days there are so many Items in the RNG - especially almost worthless items - like revive-orbs, repair-canisters etc. there is no real point in buying or farming for keys anymore.

OutfitsI don't like the whole concept of outfits but that's just my personal taste. But why not also sell all outfits as armor pieces? Yes there will be some clipping but there is a lot of clipping already and it doesn't really matter. Also this would create additional income for almost no extra work.


  • rotation in Gemstore is way to slow
  • Black-Lion-Chests have too many bad Items in the RNG
  • Outfits should also be sold in pieces

Also i can tell that many people probably think its too slow and that the Gemstore is rather boring now for months by simply looking at the Gem-to-Gold conversion rate which is pretty low. They didnt even bother to change anything in the gemstore yesterday ...

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You may be a bit misinformed.Living World Bundles are offered at a discount (on sale) periodically. The Bundles are already offered at a discount vs. individual Episodes.Outfits offered as Armor pieces would drastically slow down the release rate, and negate the advantage of creating Outfits. 'No extra work' is an uninformed opinion.The price of Gems has not changed since launch. The price of items offered since launch has never been increased; only offered at either a temporary discount, or a permanent discount.The Gold-to-Gem rate has recently become more favorable.

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