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Logged in to find my Reaper is a Necro

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Hello all.I had a normal playtime today. If I had lag, it was not bad. At the end of my jaunting about Tyria I noticed that my food expired.

No problem. I went to the chef station at "Armistice Bastion" to make more and I saw that this Reaper did not have chef.

So I crafted chef to 500 and logged out to make lunch for my family.

I logged back in a bit ago and to my surprise my reaper was a necro again !!!!!

My greatsword was still equipped, but my whole build was gone.

Where my build should have been was as bare as a baby's behind.

I do not use templates so whatever happened had nothing to do with them.

Now I have to recreate my build again, and for the life of me I do not remember what traits I used...which angers me because I was truly enjoying what I had.

Should I put in a ticket? The only thing I lost physically was my build. I can make another...but...but...my wonderful build, wonderful to me at least, was taken from me :(

Oh, and the last thing I did in the game, crafting chef to 500, is still valid. My chef remains a chef :)

Very strange.


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