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More PvP Data!

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I don't know about anyone else but I would like to see more PvP data post game. I'd like to know how my team did with more meaningful stats and information.Take the offence stat, on the wiki it states "earned by making capture progress or by being in combat near a neutral or enemy capture point". This means nothing, yes I know a high number is better but it gives no real information of how many nodes I decapped, captured or how many enemies defeated by nodes.

I'd like to be able to look back on past game information in the Game History to see what both team compositions were.

What does everyone else think on the current PvP data situation post game and in the PvP menu?

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Personally they need to re-add the previous scoreboard that showed damage dealt, condition damage dealt, conditions removed, boons applied... etc.

It was a lot of very good feedback about a build, posted in an easy to read format. I have NO idea why they removed such a great feature.

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