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Tomme in lions arch

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Im a ranger and i cant tame his pet, theres no option, I clicked on the dog and stood right next to him, but since I already have that similar dog it could be the reason it wont let me, how do I get him to take out the lynx? (I kept hitting F, tried attacking, etc) Or is it just random and i should switch to another map or did they take out this option?

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@SabanxXx.3078 said:Yeah I figured i'd just go get the lynx another way since im pretty close to another area, just figured they want to take that out of the wiki if it doesnt work anymore

The wiki clearly state you have to charm the dog for lynx to apear, so if you cant charm the dog becouse you already have it he wont switch to lynx.I guess you have to try to find another map of la and hope he got lynx as first pet on that one but it looks like you already solved it.

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