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Special Mission: Pillage the [Area] Bugged?

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It seems like with a few notable exceptions, the achievement does not get rewarded properly.

  • Hitting structures such as barricades, gates, the center trebuchet/catapult, & tents with your weapon skills (i.e. Fire Storm + autos) does not get credit. (Confirmed with dealing up to 50% a wayward structure's HP with one other player helping. Not confirmed for center siege weapons since that isn't out of the way for testing.)
  • Hitting the above mentioned structures with player-deployed siege weapons does not give credit toward achievement (see exception below)

Exceptions:(1) Pillage the Lighthouse rewards hitting all structures with your weapon skills properly. It seems like some of these structures do not have the blue buff that other structures normally have.(2) Using Flaming Rams to open the initial gate of the all areas seems to give 1 structure credit consistently if you get at least one flaming ram auto off once (hence why the gates are always flooded with like 20 flaming rams.)

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I'm only having issues getting credit for pillage the fort, even with seige weapons. It's not that it never increments, it doesn't seem to increment consistently though. With only 10 attempts (and something like 6 remaining, for me) i'm not sure I can figure out why my results are inconsistent. But things i've noticed so far:

Most structures in all areas never contribute to the counter unless killed with seige, EXCEPT for lighthouse, all structures at lighthouse seem to increment the counter regaurdless of the method you applied damage.

Except for fort, i've also got credit for barricades and only barricades via attacking with weapon/util/profession skills, i haven't tested wall supports but tents also don't give credit unless attacked with siege.

I didn't get an increment for pillage the port while destroying the cannons using a catapult.

I've only gotten credit for the gate as a structure when using a flame ram.

Some of these things are consistent with OP, and lots of this info comes tainted with personal experience/the convenience of each area for testing different structures. I'm thinking that, a structure needs to have been damaged by seige for it to count towards pillage, but you can use weapon skills to get credit for a structure as long as that structure has also taken damage from seige- just a theory though, i haven't tested it.

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I had very little success using siege until I got the EMP and then was able to get credit a lot easier. Barricades and tents seemed to be the ones that triggered easily with the EMP. The ram worked on gates but folk get theirs down so fast it is usually open by the time I got up there and tried to lay mine down. I used the catapult mainly as it was the only one consistently doing damage. Also I could fling it over the wall and hit stuff inside and get credit. I saw I was damaging with my weapon skills when structures were already damaged but am sure I never got any credit for what I hit.

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