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Be Cautious About Buying The New Home Instance Node


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In case you haven't seen the thread in the Bugs section, there seems to be some issues with the Salvage Pile Home Instance Node. For one thing, it only seems to appear in the home instance of the alt who bought it. For another thing, it apparently appears in some really wacky places in the various home instances - either under or inside of other resource nodes. In my case, I bought the new node with a Charr alt then after the reset, harvested the home nodes in DR with my human gatherer using Glyphs of Reaping. Never saw the Salvage node and didn't get any salvage from it. Yet, when I went to go look for it in the Black Citadel home instance with the Charr who had bought it, the node was already opened and empty. So far I haven't seen any indication that Anet is aware of or dealing with the problems. If you are thinking about buying the node, you might want to hold off a bit until it's clear that issues like these have been resolved. The node is 50 gold and a big chunk of karma, too much to pay for a badly bugged resource.

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