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Login server ingame

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I log into the game and the message keepAnd in mistss poping up that the game cannot connect to the login server, the game is fine, and after 5-10minutes it connects, but then at some point it disconnects and doesn't connect. I'm not sure if its a mists only thing, it started this morning and i can't find the cause.Edit: attaching a screenshoot or two:In Lion's arch the normal msgAnd in mists

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Don't worry, the login server has nothing to do with character or gameplay. Its used for global things that are shared between regions, like whisper, guild, party, mail, LFG, Trading Post, anything that doesn't involve actually playing the game.

When that messages comes up but the game doesn't disconnect you, it just means the login server is overloaded because it handles much more traffic than the individual game servers which are specific to each map (what you see with /ip).

That's why you can talk to and trade with players from NA/EU but not meet them in game.

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