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Thunderhead Peaks is borderline unplayable due to lag

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see title for tldr. For a few months now and especially since the rollback incident Thunderhead Peaks has been suffering from noticable few second skill lag and rubberbanding, making the map really frustrating and at times impossible to play and enjoy. Even events with simple fights with veterans become hard to tackle not to say anything about the big meta events.Today I was doing Dwarven catacombs but due to 10 second lagspikes (no joke or exaggeration), for example the room with dredge resonators was almost impossible to complete because the cannons would move erratically, not register commands and after making it to the plate, it took half a minute to pick it up because of the lag.

Now bear in mind that this is the only map in the whole huge game where there is this kind of regular lag, but it really kills the enjoyment. Please finally take a loot into this.

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