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Recommended build for Pvp?

El Psy Congroo.7965

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I'm making an effort to try and make rifle work. I like the play style and although i know it is not the best spec around i enjoy playing it.After many builds and secondary weapon combinations i think i found something that mayches my play style.I sugest you do the same with the weapon or build that you enjoy the most. Meta builds make the game borring, you know exactly what to expect fro each profession...It's much more fun wen there is build diversity. ..Ppl play meta builds cuz they want to win even if they dont like the build... call me old man but ever since i started gaming back in1995 I've alwayd done it for fun.

Anyway, junt jum in some unranked with a build you are confortable with or try new stuff, you might get surprised xDS/D condi with 6 thieves (from thieves guild) is the funniest thing you will ever see xD

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