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What got changed after PoF launch vs Beta?


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As someone who doesn't play thief, I was really looking forward to vs'ing deadeye's in WvW and testing my meddle.

They were super fun to fight in beta, a lot of high risk reward and their part, and a lot of tension for me to avoid those huge bursts and closing the gap.

But after PoF release, it just wasn't there anymore..what happened?

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Reality set in for a lot of late bloomers and:

@Karl McLain.5604 said:

  • Death's Retreat: Fixed a bug that prevented this trait from working with Assassin's Reward and Lead Attacks
  • Rifle: Fixed an issue where rifle skills could not be reflected properly
  • Spotter Shot: Changed this animation from a hip shot to an aimed shot animation.
  • Deadeye's Mark: Fixed a bad interaction with Hidden Thief that allowed mark to be canceled in order to grant stealth.
  • Three-Round-Burst (Kneeling): Reduced damage by about 16%
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