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  1. I appreciate the communication, however, I can honestly say one thing. I've already started limiting any kind of feedback I personally provide after I noticed how heavily they are ignored a while ago, unless they are in the private discord - this was confirmed over the weekend (very disappointing). Some of my previous feedbacks from just this last year included feedback on Specter: here, here, here, and here ....all of which were completely ignored, unless they were parroted in the private discord, with bugs making it into the game even after being reported multiple times since the first
  2. Yup!!! Very good balance patch. Really addressing those issues with Acrobatics and Trickery...and Sword for PvE. Also, amazing changes to dead utilities. Balance team very hard at work! 👍
  3. Deadeye is a meme spec that was intentionally designed to be a meme by ANet, and introduced as a meme in order to satisfy the RP meme lords, who wanted to meme it up RPing as a "sniper" in an MMORPG. It is a meme everywhere, and it also memes on bad players pretty hard. It's so much of a meme in PvE that ANet had to specifically design very specific mechanics in certain encounters in order to allow the meme spec to perform its meme role and help meme lords feel like they were playing a relevant class and not a meme class, so it could find some kind of place in the game, without being a complet
  4. When? When it's communicated to them to do so in the private discord. Until then, or until they stop listening to the biased opinions of a select few, nothing will change.
  5. Oh, X & X classes are overperforming? Better nerf Y class to fix that! Dedicated balance team post EoD launch at work btw. Imagine working on balance when you don't understand, nor play, the very classes you're balancing.
  6. Play a better spec, like Willbender or Herald. Your class will get more attention and love in balance patches. They (Guardian/Revenant) also have VERY strong presence in PvE - more relevant than Thief. Furthermore, after you use a skill, you won't be stuck auto attacking and desperately running away as those specs, since they don't have a global c/d on their skills (initiative)...unless you enjoy using 1 skill and then standing around waiting for initiative regen to use another/same skill again. You also won't find yourself in a position where you are HARDLOCKED into a traitline (Tri
  7. What part of the overbuffed wb is lacking sustain exactly? Wb literally does an obscene amount of damage, while having an obscene amount of mobility and sustain. It's basically thief and herald on steroids. Broken? Yea...one could easily and effortlessly make that claim...and they'd be correct.
  8. If they aren't even reading the new elite spec's feedback and bug threads, and are only listening to the biased opinions of those on their private discord, then frankly, it doesn't matter, because ANet is not reading these threads - you're only going to be getting your hopes up for no reason.
  9. Since you want to hop straight into attempting to insult my intellect, let me question yours now. When was the mAT that you are referring to? When were the balance changes that resulted in the current state of the game? Do you think the ranked gameplay is the same as AT gameplay? What do you think the bolded/underlined word means?
  10. People still talking about rank/rating as if it's actually that relevant in 2022. Remove duo-queue, fix the atrocious matchmaking, and then perhaps we can start having an actual conversation about rank and rating past gold 3/plat 1...until then, it's just huff puff, duo-queue during offhours/pay off people to dc games to climb rank/rating and pretend like it means something - as it's been for years. Having said that, willbender (among a couple of others) was literally overbuffed (purposely by the balance team) in the recent balance patches, which has left it to become extremely over
  11. That's because initiative increase changes are literally the WORST and LAZIEST balance changes. Especially on a spec that is already limited on its initiative than normal. Thief has been shoehorned into Trickery for over 9 (almost 10) years now and ANet has done NOTHING to change or address that problem. In fact, they've only made it WORSE with their balance patches and their bright idea of constantly increasing initiative costs. No other class is locked out from using their other skills after using 1/2 weapon skill (LOL AT THE 6-8 INITIAITVE COST SKILLS). It is the only class in the
  12. You don't know what "op" means if you think the current specter is "op". It's actually more balanced than DD is...and I wouldn't even call it well balanced. You wanna know what "op" is? Look at the current willbender, mechanist...and especially bladesworn...and even the untouched weaver. You wanna know what an "op" skill is? Look at Earth Shield. People and certain streamers/people of influence with obvious biases/preferences throw around terms like "op" way too much without actual justifications or backing, just like the term "toxic" and "troll". People who fail to underst
  13. Everything that looks logical and good on paper is not as it is. IP doesn't do anything in shroud, unless you drop shroud in the middle of a damage cast - ie: not in shroud.
  14. I love how the balance team is so quick to nerf thief; but, when it comes to bug fixes, they take YEARS...even when it's reported MULTIPLE times. Let's revisit an old bug (one that hasn't been addressed in YEARS), since it's now affecting ANOTHER skill (because they clearly never fixed the programming in the backend)...on top of ALL THE OTHER ones that it was already affecting. Oh, and I also reported this one during their little Specter beta tests as well. To their credit, over the years, they tried to manually fix some of them here and there, but never the overarching problem...the valu
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