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Denied Automated PVP Tournament Rewards if Party Member Quits in Between Matches

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Crossover from my post on Reddit (and from PvP Section of this Forum):

It happened during the monthly automated tournament (NA) today, that is, during Kormir's Clash. One party member in my group quit in between matches after the fourth or fifth match... and so... the four of us who remained... got no gold. We did not even receive the basic Mystic Coin and Large Potion of PvP Reward. We participated. My in game username is in the list of participants.

Can you rectify the situation by at least mailing me and my party members the Mystic Coin and Large Portion of PvP Reward?

And I already know what some people who want to be cheeky will say "Don't do AT with pugs/lfg." This was not an LFG/pug party. I've played with these people before. And even if the one person who did quit had happened to DC through no fault of his own, it shouldn't matter - the other four party members should not be denied their gold. Please fix this. This has happened so many times to me and other people in this game, and a lack of help from support or any announcement of a process to rectify this horrid situation (with any actual follow up) is aggravating.

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:That's because the Devs that would change/fix this issue are not CS Team members.

Your post in the PvP sub-forum would be seen by those Devs.

And I made this post there, too. And I'm aware that CS Team is not the team responsible for fixing bugs, that's Systems.

Still, to have such a disparate staff that cannot cooperate within the same company is really hurting their ability to fix bugs and problems with their game.

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