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[EU & NA] [PvX Community] Charr Against Humanity [CAH]


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https://i.imgur.com/yD1ZWtd.pngWe started our journey in March 2016 as small group of friends on Skype. Now we have around 600++ members in our community! (in-game guild + Discord members)

  • Charr Against Humanity is a guild for Charr players and enthusiasts.
  • CAH is open community, which doesn't require represent and attendance (acting like a 'hub' for people).
  • Guild operates on EU and NA servers. (tho majority plays on EU, because of guild origins)
  • We generally play PvX, which means our guildies plays mostly every game mode.
  • We also like to talk about random thingies and topics (not only Guild Wars 2) in game and on discord server.
  • Additionally, we play on weekends Jackbox Games, Cards Against Humanity and/or other games as social activities.


  • Discord Server - with custom GW2 emotes and separated LFGs for EU and NA
  • Event Calendar - now you never miss incoming events
  • PvE, PvP & WvW - map meta runs (EU), dailies and so on
  • Dungeons, Fractals, Strike Missions & Raids - for these who want more challenging content
  • Roleplay Events - feel free to join or host own one
  • Guild Hall - fully upgraded and decorated
  • Own Wiki - for guides, builds, roleplay purposes and other stuff
  • and more 🙂

https://i.imgur.com/WSQIZib.pngWe organize from time to time various Events and activities for guild and Guild Wars 2 community in game (tho mostly on EU side), for example:

https://i.imgur.com/BsiOejQ.pngYou can read guild rules here: Guild Rules


  • If you're also charr enthusiast and you play on EU or NA region, feel free to contact one of us for invite!
  • Representing (and being in) in-game guild isn't required, so you can also just join our Discord too, if you want. 🙂

https://i.imgur.com/tyODbxD.pngGot questions or wanna be invited to our community? Contact one of us below!

  • Minarr: Makarow.3028 | MakarowNA.3087 | (Discord) Makarow#5536
  • Keeya: Kiza.5630
  • Ralesk: Ralesk.3215
  • Khral: MacCharrver.4658
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